Top 10 Cryptocurrency-Based Rewards in Gaming


Discover the best 10 games that can earn you Crypto rewards

Do you want to earn money while having fun? Take a look at the intriguing world of crypto gaming! No more tedious labor or pointless hobbies – earning money has never been more exciting than with P2E crypto games.

What are Crypto Gaming Rewards:

With the advancement of Web3 via the use of blockchain technology in recent years, the number of crypto game ventures has increased. Many metaverse gaming cryptocurrency ideas enable users to monetize their experience.

Crypto gaming rewards are digital currency that represent virtual objects, currencies, or in-game things. Gaming currencies and NFTs let gamers to own, sell, and receive rewards through gaming activities in novel ways. These coins have real-world value and can be swapped for other tokens or even traded for fiat money on specialized markets.

The following list presents you top 10 greatest games to earn crypto rewards:

1. Axie Infinity – Axie Infinity is well-known for ushering in the age of earn-to-play. It was the first large crypto game with P2E principles that succeeded and could be sustained. Despite the increase of players throughout the years, Axie Infinity’s earning potential remains relatively significant. Battles, staking, and land staking may all earn you prizes.  Smooth Love Potion, SLP, which is an in-game money with real-world value, is used to pay out battle awards. One SLP is currently worth $0.0014 and may be used to upgrade Axies.

2. Gala Games: Gala Games is the gaming division of Gala, a Web3 entertainment firm that offers blockchain-secured and NFT-powered game, music, and film experiences. The gaming division has released many titles, two (TownStar and Spider Tanks) of which have gained traction in the play-to-earn area. Gala titles have a lot of revenue potential because there are so many titles in the studio’s roster. All games are based on Gala and pay good rewards.

3. Alien Worlds: This is a space exploration game in which planets, spacecraft, tools, and weapons are all completely owned NFTs that allow you to purchase planets and mine them for resources and, eventually, Trillium, the Metaverse’s in-game money. Alien World has a high earning potential since it operates on two blockchain networks: The Binance Smart Chain and the Wax blockchain networks. Both ecosystems provide you with liquidity and benefits.

4. Illuvium: Illuvium is yet another extraterrestrial-inspired game. Though the earning potential may not be as great as that of some of the other items on this list, it is still a profitable endeavor if you take the time to explore and acquire powerful Illuvials. Illuvials may also be purchased on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, upgraded, and resold for a profit.

5. Star Atlas: Star Atlas, a space exploration and strategy game, outperforms the other space-themed games on this list. The game, which is currently in development, boasts AAA visuals powered by Unreal Engine 5, a wide expanse of virtual space populated by numerous planets and creatures, and complete live in-game economies. The sheer scope of the game’s planned implementation provides gamers with several possibilities to gain. You can work as an explorer, discovering planets, mining resources, and selling them on the market. You might also stake POLIS and get incentives.

6. DeFi Kingdoms: DeFi Kingdoms is one of the first play-to-earn games, having been released before P2E was a thing. As of now, DeFi Kingdom’s smart wallets store about $40 million in user monies, and given that practically every quest or challenge is a DeFi strategy that produces returns, chances abound.

7. Splinterlands: Splinterlands is a collectible card trading game that features multiplayer, blockchain mechanisms, and high-earning potential. The game is similar to Pokemon card games in that players gather expensive cards with different powers, rarities, and affinities. In tournament awards alone, Splinterlands has handed out more than $7 million. You may also purchase cards in the marketplace, enhance them, and eventually exchange them for a profit.

8. Genopets: Genopets is a form of play-to-earn game known as move-to-earn since it pays you for physical motions, such as the number of steps you take or kilometers you run. On a monthly basis, Genopets’ smart contracts communicate with over 7,000 wallets, processing approximately $26,000 in transactions. While this isn’t life-changing, it does give the game a good option for extra cash.

9. Nine Chronicles: Nine Chronicles is a blockchain-powered role-playing game (RPG) that follows players as they journey across and explore Yggdrasil’s nine zones. Players can explore the locations and collect resources for weapons and tools. These items may be exchanged for the local currency, Nine Chronicle Gold (NCG), on the market. NCG may then be staked to earn wrapped NCG (an erc-20 crypto version that can be traded) and BAL, the native currency of Balancer.

10. UPvsDOWN: This is a decentralized betting game in which you may wager on the direction of the Bitcoin price at the end of a 25-second period. Bitcoin’s price will either rise or fall. Your job is to try to guess which way is up. Because liquidity is offered by other players and volume analytics demonstrate that players are pumping in volumes, UPvsDOWN has an extremely high-profit potential.

In conclusion, Play-to-earn games are reshaping the gaming business by allowing users to earn cryptocurrency that can be swapped for real money while playing their favorite games.

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