Google Pixel Watch 3 May Eliminate Buttons and Embraces Gesture Control


Google Pixel Watch 3 Could Do Away with Buttons Embracing Gesture Control

Google released the Pixel Watch 3 smartwatch alongside the Pixel 8 smartphone series in October. The updated gadget, which replaces last year’s initial Pixel Watch, is also the first Google smartwatch to be released in India. The Pixel Watch 2’s design is very identical to that of its predecessor. However, Google may be planning to redesign the Pixel Watch 3 (which is anticipated to be released in 2024).

A new smartwatch-related patent submitted by Google (discovered by Wearable) suggests a design modification for the Pixel Watch 3. According to the latest patent, the next Pixel Watch may include in-device sensors capable of detecting movements including pushes, taps, squeezes, and swipes.

Google’s patent “Gesture recognition on watch bezel using strain gauges” states that these sensors will provide a new method of using the smartwatch as well as control specific applications.

What to expect from the new Pixel Watch 3 design

Google intends to simplify the design of its smartwatch with this patent. The firm also aims to keep users from having to navigate using the already restricted screen real estate.

According to the patent, “Content on such a small screen is easily obscured when touching the device, making it difficult to precisely select and scroll because the user cannot see what they are selecting or scrolling.”

In the patent, Google also stated that buttons, bezels, and crowns hamper the making process and waterproofing. However, the patent also mentions that dials, spinning crowns, and other choices are appropriate, although they have drawbacks.

“Rotating scroll buttons are being used to scroll in numerous smartwatches nowadays, and they are fairly efficient,” says the patent. They do, however, need a pretty complex mechanical construction with extremely small moving components. They must also be waterproofed. Some users may opt to remove the crown, for aesthetic reasons, for example.”

According to the patent, if a gadget contains built-in gesture recognition controls, the smartwatch may have a sleeker design with fewer moving parts. This will allow Google to eliminate the Pixel Watch 3’s buttons and other physical inputs.

However, it’s worth noting that this is merely a patent, and it’s unclear whether Google intends to employ this technology in the Pixel Watch 3. The patent application, however, suggests that Google is looking into new methods to improve the appearance and functionality of smartwatches.

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