67% Majority Favors PCs Over Mobile Phones, Study Suggests


HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2023 Reveals 67% Majority Favors PCs Over Mobile Phones

In a digital era where gaming is becoming an integral part of entertainment, the HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2023 brings forth compelling insights, revealing that a staggering 67% majority of gamers prefer the immersive experience of PC gaming over mobile phones. This study, encompassing 3,000 gamers across 15 Indian cities, delves into the preferences, spending habits, and perceptions that shape the gaming landscape in India.

PCs Take the Lead

Contrary to the growing popularity of mobile gaming, the study establishes PCs as the preferred gaming device for a significant majority of enthusiasts. Factors contributing to this preference include superior frames per second (FPS) and display quality, underlining the discerning choices of gamers seeking an unparalleled gaming experience.

One of the standout revelations from the study is the willingness of gamers to make substantial investments in their gaming setups. The data indicates that, on average, gamers are prepared to invest over INR 1 lakh in acquiring a gaming PC. This financial commitment underscores the value placed on the quality and performance that PCs bring to the gaming arena.

Evolving Income Dynamics

The study provides insights into the changing dynamics of income within the gaming community in India. Comparing the findings to 2022, it highlights a significant growth in earnings, with nearly half of serious gamers reporting annual incomes ranging between 6 to 12 lakh in 2023. This shift not only reflects the financial opportunities in gaming but also the professionalization of the industry.

Beyond the realm of gaming, the study sheds light on the diverse career aspirations of gamers in India. In addition to being players, respondents expressed interest in exploring roles as influencers or esports managers in the future. This diversification of career paths within the gaming industry signals its increasing influence and the emergence of varied opportunities.

Positive Shift in Parental Perception

A noteworthy revelation is the positive shift in parental perspectives toward gaming. Approximately 40% of parents participating in the study admitted to a change in perception over the last few years, attributing it to the industry’s growth. This acknowledgment of gaming as a legitimate and potentially lucrative pursuit signifies a broader acceptance of the gaming culture.

Breaking away from traditional stereotypes, the study unveils a thriving gaming culture in non-metro cities. The surge in serious gamers outside major urban centers challenges the notion that gaming is confined to metropolitan areas. The inclusive nature of gaming is further underscored by the participation of 75% of Gen Z and 67% of Millennials as serious gamers. Notably, 58% of women respondents also identified themselves as serious gamers, breaking gender barriers in the gaming landscape.

The HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2023 paints a vivid picture of the gaming preferences and trends shaping the Indian gaming community. The dominance of PCs, the willingness to invest in high-end gaming setups, and the evolving socio-economic dynamics reflect the maturation of the gaming industry in India. As gaming continues to break barriers and redefine entertainment, the study serves as a valuable resource for understanding the diverse and dynamic gaming landscape in the country.

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