Windows 10 Welcomes Microsoft’s Copilot – Try It Now!


Windows 10 introduces Microsoft’s Copilot in its new launch

People who are still on Windows 10 (or who are unable to install Windows 11 on their system) may finally be able to try out one of the most talked-about features in years. Users with compatible devices now install a Release Preview build that includes access to the generative AI-powered assistant, only a few days after Microsoft said it would add Copilot to Windows 10.

To install the preview build and possibly check out Copilot on Windows 10 Home or Pro, you must be a Windows Insider tester. There’s also no assurance you’ll get rapid access to the chatbot. According to Microsoft, “It may take time for your device to be confirmed as eligible for Copilot on Windows so it may not show up right away.” To obtain quick access to Copilot after it’s determined your system is eligible, Microsoft recommends turning on “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” by navigating to Settings > Updates.

Windows Update may be found under Settings > Update & Security.

Copilot requires at least 4GB of RAM and a display adapter with a resolution of at least 720p to run. Microsoft warns that the chatbot preview is now only accessible in a few locations (North America, Asia, and South America), so you may be excluded geographically.

Other peculiarities may prevent you from trying out Copilot on Windows 10. It will not function if you place your taskbar to the left or right of your screen. You must have the taskbar in a horizontal position. Copilot is also incompatible with multi-monitor setups. The symbol will only appear on your primary display. Furthermore, Copilot will not be available on Windows 10 Pro devices administered by an organization for the time being.

Why Microsoft is introducing Copilot to Windows 10 isn’t exactly a secret. According to some estimates, Windows 10 still powers over 69% of Windows-based workstations, compared to approximately 26% that use Windows 11. This implies that hundreds of millions of PCs continue to run Windows 10. If Microsoft can claim that Copilot is installed on more than a billion machines (as opposed to the 400 million anticipated to be running Windows 11), it may be more tempting to the company’s investors.

When Copilot is accessible on your device, open it by clicking the icon on the right side of the taskbar. You may use the chatbot to ask questions, change Windows settings, and interact with documents. According to The Verge, due to the lack of many Windows 11 features, Copilot behaves slightly differently on Windows 10. Several important apps in the newer OS make use of generative AI-based capabilities.

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