Samsung Partners with Eve Systems for Home Energy Monitoring


Samsung SmartThings and Eve Systems join forces for advanced home energy monitoring

Samsung SmartThings has unveiled a significant collaboration with Eve Systems, promising a major upgrade for Android users keen on advanced home energy monitoring. This partnership facilitates seamless integration between the SmartThings app and the Eve Energy smart plug, empowering users to monitor energy consumption across diverse devices in their homes.

SmartThings, an application catering to both iOS and Android users, serves as a central hub for managing compatible electronics, appliances, and smart home devices directly from smartphones or tablets. While often overshadowed by competitors like Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant, SmartThings functions similarly, providing users with comprehensive control over their smart gadgets and home management.

In this strategic partnership, SmartThings and Eve join forces, bringing Eve’s smart plug-monitoring capabilities to the SmartThings platform. Leveraging Eve’s Matter-compatible smart plug and power meter, renowned for its robust energy monitoring and tracking, users can now seamlessly track the energy consumption of everyday appliances through the Samsung SmartThings app.

This upgrade not only offers insights into power usage but also broadens compatibility, enabling integration with various Samsung SmartThings brands and products that support home energy management. For instance, connecting a non-smart device, such as a coffee machine, to the Eve smart plug allows users to monitor its energy usage in and out of operation directly on the SmartThings app.

The breakdown of energy consumption empowers users to calculate overall power consumption and monthly costs, facilitating informed decisions to optimize energy usage. Through the Samsung SmartThings app, users can further enhance home energy efficiency by establishing automation and routines for more streamlined appliance and non-smart gadget utilization.

While Samsung SmartThings caters to both iOS and Android users, this collaboration particularly benefits Android users. Previously, the monitoring feature of the Eve smart plug was exclusive to Apple Home and the iOS version of the Eve app. Now, Android users can leverage this feature seamlessly, marking a significant enhancement in the user experience.

This update not only enables Android users to access the monitoring feature but also extends compatibility to non-Samsung appliances. When plugged into the Eve smart plug, these devices can now be seamlessly viewed on the SmartThings app, promoting cross-platform connectivity.

The inclusion of energy monitoring features is a noteworthy development, providing users with valuable insights and control over their power consumption. It addresses the common issue of devices being left on standby or plugged in and turned on when not in use, contributing to unnecessary energy drain.

In a market where smart plugs with advanced energy monitoring features are limited, the collaboration between Samsung SmartThings and Eve emerges as a game-changer. Users gain better knowledge and control over their power usage, enabling them to make informed decisions to optimize energy efficiency in their homes.

As the partnership unfolds, it marks a significant step towards creating a more interconnected and intelligent ecosystem for home management. By combining the strengths of Samsung SmartThings and Eve, users can expect a seamless and comprehensive solution for enhanced home energy monitoring, underscoring the potential of collaborative efforts in advancing smart home technology.

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