Pixel 8’s Pixel-Perfect Shots: AI Photography at Its Finest


Here are some of the AI-powered photo-editing features that make the Pixel 8 stand out from the crowd.

The Pixel 8 is Google’s latest flagship smartphone that boasts extraordinary AI photography capabilities. The Pixel 8’s camera features are not only amazing but also a little scary, as they can create special moments that never really happened.

Magic Editor: This feature uses generative AI to “reimagine your photos” by allowing you to reframe the scene, resize subjects, recast the lighting, change the weather conditions, and even add something to the picture that didn’t exist before. You can use Magic Editor to create a truly different photo from the one you took.

Best Take: This feature takes a series of photos, something like a burst mode, but with a bias towards faces, and subsequently allows you to create a single “best shot” using the results. You can use Best Take to face-swap everyone and artificially create your ideal scene that never was.

Magic Eraser: This feature uses AI to quickly and easily remove unwanted distractions from your photos. You can use Magic Eraser to clear your beach shots of people, remove ugly objects, and zap photo bombers into oblivion.

These features are powered by Google’s Tensor G3 silicon, which is designed to handle complex AI tasks and deliver fast performance. The Pixel 8 also has a dual-camera module with a 50MP wide sensor and a 12MP ultra-wide sensor, both with OIS and EIS. The front camera is a 10.8MP sensor with a 92.8-degree field-of-view.

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