Omnicom Media Group Expands Reach with Glovo Partnership


Omnicom Media Group Forges Groundbreaking Partnership with Glovo, Pioneering Retail Media Synergies

Omnicom Media Group (OMG), a prominent media services division within Omnicom Group, has entered into a strategic collaboration with Glovo, a leading last-mile logistics app. This groundbreaking partnership signifies the first-ever alliance between Glovo and an agency holding company, promising a range of advantages for Omnicom clients. The collaboration is poised to deliver enhanced data insights, retail media benefits, and exclusive access to Glovo’s innovative roadmap.

Glovo’s Rise to Prominence

Founded in Barcelona in 2015, Glovo has rapidly emerged as a global force with a robust presence in 25 countries and over 1,500 cities spanning Europe, Central Asia, and Africa. The app’s mission revolves around providing easy access to anything within a city through innovative technology that connects customers, businesses, couriers, and brands. Glovo’s diverse offerings and commitment to technological innovation have propelled it to the forefront of the multi-category app landscape.

Key Features of Glovo’s Retail Media Platform

Glovo’s retail media platform stands out as a dynamic solution for brands seeking growth opportunities. With a focus on connecting with millions of customers throughout their journey, from discovery to the delivery of online orders, Glovo enables brands to engage effectively. In 2022, the app demonstrated impressive annual growth, including a 76% surge in its supermarket division and a remarkable 120% annual growth in non-food verticals. The platform’s effectiveness is further highlighted by the fact that over 10% of Glovo Q-commerce shoppers impulsively add additional products to their baskets during checkout, unlocking significant sales potential for brands.

The Strategic Partnership

The strategic collaboration between OMG and Glovo is positioned to leverage the strengths of both entities. This partnership extends beyond traditional advertising by incorporating retail media benefits, allowing brands to connect with consumers at various stages of their purchasing journey. The integration of Glovo’s data and analytics assets with OMG’s commerce capabilities is anticipated to yield exponential benefits for brands seeking a comprehensive and effective media strategy.

Glovo’s Executive Director Partners & Brands, Rodrigo Alier, emphasized the pivotal role of this partnership in expanding Glovo’s retail media assets. With millions of daily users engaging across diverse categories on the Glovo platform, the collaboration aims to assist brands in building awareness and driving sales. Alier expressed confidence in the combination of data and analytics from Glovo and OMG’s commerce capabilities, foreseeing substantial benefits for brands in terms of growth and market reach.

OMG’s Commitment to E-commerce

OMG’s commitment to being a premier e-commerce partner for its clients is evident in this strategic alliance with Glovo. The media group has been actively pursuing first-to-market agreements, including a landmark deal with Tesco, the UK’s largest grocery retailer, and collaborations with major players like Walmart and Amazon. The partnership with Glovo aligns with OMG’s vision of delivering integrated, full-funnel media, commerce, and measurement solutions to drive growth for its clients.

Future Prospects and Client Wins

As OMG continues to strengthen its position in the market, the alliance with Glovo adds another dimension to its diverse portfolio. The collaboration aims to unlock new opportunities for clients to target custom audiences and drive incremental brand revenue within a high-growth retail channel. The emphasis on digital analytics and insights from Glovo’s expansive retail media network positions OMG as a leader in delivering comprehensive solutions for clients across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The strategic partnership between Omnicom Media Group and Glovo marks a significant milestone in the evolution of retail media collaborations. As brands increasingly seek innovative ways to engage consumers, the synergy between Glovo’s dynamic retail media platform and OMG’s commerce capabilities promises to redefine the landscape. This alliance not only highlights the commitment of both entities to pushing boundaries but also sets the stage for a new era of integrated and effective media solutions in the evolving digital ecosystem.

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