Kek Entertainment Secures $8M for Cross-Platform Gaming Vision


Kek Entertainment Lands $8M to Build Immersive and Social Games

Kek Entertainment has secured $8 million in venture capital to provide cross-platform gaming experiences on mobile devices, consoles, and PCs.

This funding will go towards the development of their flagship product, an unreleased vehicle shooter game that will bring together mobile and PC/Console gamers on a single platform.

The firm is led by a Pixonics team that worked on the War Robots mech fighting game for mobile devices. Now they’re working on something completely new in the mecha space.

The financing was headed by Korea Investment Partners, a South Korean gaming venture capital fund. Woori Technology Investment Co., Kona Venture Partners, and KEK’s pre-seed investors, The Games Fund and Play Ventures, were among the other investors.

According to Michael K. Lee, director of Korea Investment Partners, a sizable proportion of users demand more immersive gaming and the ability to play with friends on different platforms.

“KEK Entertainment’s vision perfectly aligns with the evolving landscape of gaming preferences.” We are resolute in our opinion that a well-designed cross-platform game can resonate with various gaming communities. “We’re thrilled to be able to assist KEK on this journey,” added Lee.

Georgy Egorov and Oleg Poroshin, both Pixonics veterans, founded the new firm a few years ago. Since its release in 2014, War Robots has made $750 million in sales and has been downloaded over 250 million times. The most prevalent request was for the game to be available on several platforms so that friends could play together.

This time, they foresee something akin to a cross between War Robots and World of Tanks, where the action is languid and players may devise tactics rather than rely on hand-eye coordination to win games.

“We have experience in the genre, and we like mechas,” Egorov told GamesBeat in an interview. “We put effort into what we enjoy and where we have expertise.” We aim to extend the appeal of this experience for our core audience.”

According to Egorov, the creators have a passion for the genre and want to develop something fresh. They are now preparing to use their expertise in multiplayer PvP action to expand beyond the boundaries of mobile gaming and build platform-agnostic intellectual property.

“I am overjoyed that, despite the difficult investment environment, we have put together the ideal setup for our journey!” We now have partners in all key business regions, including the United States, Asia, and Europe. The most essential thing is that we have faith in each of them, and we have had a connection with them since day one. After all, people are at the heart of business. “I believe this collaboration will be a great foundation for not only a successful game but also a new famous media franchise,” Egorov added.

Kek Entertainment’s fundamental idea is to bridge the gap between various gaming platforms to create a more connected and inclusive gaming experience. Poroshin emphasized the importance of slow-paced shooters in providing a uniform and fair gaming experience across platforms, emphasizing their strategic approach and interesting gameplay.

Kek stated that the visual design and early glance at the game were well received by its early adopter audience. It is currently working on a soft beta launch for gamers on mobile devices and Steam. Players must slay a non-player boss while fighting an opposing team throughout portions of the games.

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