Google Calls on Users to Swiftly Update Chrome Browsers


Google is calling for you to quickly update your Chrome browsers to improve security and performance

Google Chrome is a widely used web browser with millions of users worldwide, spanning various platforms and devices. However, popularity also makes one a target for hackers and online criminals who are always trying to find ways to take advantage of browser flaws and jeopardize the privacy and security of users. For this reason, Google upgrades Chrome regularly, addressing bugs and security holes that can allow hackers to gain access to users’ computers and steal their data.

Google recently released a warning to Chrome users, advising them to upgrade their browser right away, as it has found a major vulnerability that is being actively exploited by the public. The type confusion flaw in the V8 JavaScript engine, which runs Chrome, is the source of the vulnerability, which has been assigned the codename CVE-2022-2856. When a program doesn’t verify an object’s type before manipulating it, it might cause unexpected behavior or corrupt memory. This is known as a type confusion bug. By deceiving the user into visiting a malicious website that contains malicious JavaScript code that can run arbitrary commands on the user’s machine, an attacker could take advantage of this flaw.

The maximum severity level on Google’s scale, critical, is assigned to the CVE-2022-2856 vulnerability. This indicates that a full system compromise could result from the bug’s ability to run programs with the same privileges as the user. Furthermore, Google has verified that the flaw is being used in the wild, indicating that some hackers are taking advantage of the vulnerability for malicious intent. To safeguard themselves against future attacks, Chrome users must upgrade their browsers as soon as possible.

Google has addressed other vulnerabilities in its most recent Chrome release, in addition to CVE-2022-2856. Version 104.0.5112.101 for Mac and Linux and 104.0.5112.102/101 for Windows is the update that addresses ten additional security flaws. Three of these are classified as medium-severity, and six are classified as high-severity. Numerous Chrome features, including prompts, Web Payments API, SwiftShader, Vulkan, Video, and WebRTC are impacted by these vulnerabilities. Aside from executing code, some of these vulnerabilities also have the potential to create a denial of service or circumvent security measures.

Simply click the three dots in the top-right corner of the browser, select Help, then About Google Chrome, and let Chrome search for the most recent update to bring it up to date. Users can install the update by selecting the “relaunch” option if it is available. After a little while, the browser will reopen with the windows that the user had previously opened. As an alternative, customers can turn on the automatic updates function, which will install the updates automatically without their input. Nevertheless, it is advisable to manually install the update immediately as it can take many weeks to complete.

Google Chrome is a robust and adaptable web browser that provides users with a plethora of features and advantages. It does, however, also come with certain hazards and difficulties that call for ongoing maintenance and attention. Users may make sure they are using the most reliable and secure version of the browser and are shielded from the most recent threats and assaults by updating to the most recent version of Chrome. As a result, Google urges Chrome users to upgrade their browser as soon as possible and frequently.

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