ChatGPT Goes Mobile: A New Era of Wearable AI


Embark on a new era as ChatGPT goes mobile, ushering in wearable AI experiences

Crossbeats has propelled budget smartwatches into a new realm with the Ignite Nexus, India’s inaugural smartwatch featuring integrated ChatGPT, marking a paradigm shift beyond conventional fitness tracking. Priced affordably at Rs 4,999, it introduces the world’s leading generative AI model to your wrist, unlocking an array of possibilities. Our comprehensive review, based on over two weeks of using the Ignite Nexus as the primary smartwatch, delves into its design, features, and the practicality of ChatGPT integration.

Design: Embracing Familiarity with Innovation

The Crossbeats Ignite Nexus adopts a design reminiscent of the globally acclaimed Apple Watch, presenting an aluminum body and easily replaceable straps. While its aesthetic resemblance might draw inspiration, it ventures beyond imitation by incorporating wireless charging compatibility with devices like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE charger. Notably, its slim bezels and curved glass contribute to a premium appearance, contrasting with the bulky bezels often found in budget smartwatches.

Despite its visual similarities with the Apple Watch, the Ignite Nexus distinguishes itself with a red-accented digital crown, maintaining a unique identity. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, it offers versatility in its design, allowing users to interchange Apple Watch straps seamlessly.

Feature-Rich Experience

The Ignite Nexus extends beyond its visual appeal, offering a rich set of features uncommon in budget smartwatches. Notable features include an integrated e-book reader, Bluetooth calling, and the ability to function as a Bluetooth speaker for streaming music from a connected phone. Impressively, its speaker and microphone deliver satisfactory performance during calls.

Equipped with a built-in compass, GPS support, and an IP67 rating for water resistance, the Ignite Nexus proves versatile in various scenarios. While not recommended for deep-water immersion, it withstands occasional water exposure, as tested by washing without causing any issues.

For fitness enthusiasts, the Ignite Nexus automates step tracking, albeit with a slight accuracy variance compared to premium alternatives like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Despite this, it caters well to basic fitness monitoring needs.

ChatGPT Integration: A Novel Addition

The standout feature of the Crossbeats Ignite Nexus is its integration with ChatGPT, offering users access to a ChatGPT app based on the GPT-3 model. While the design and UI parallel the Apple Watch, the inclusion of ChatGPT adds a layer of uniqueness to this budget-friendly smartwatch.

Utilizing ChatGPT on the Ignite Nexus necessitates voice queries, showcasing an 80% efficacy in voice recognition during testing. However, due to model limitations (lack of internet access), it excels more in general knowledge questions than current affairs.

Despite the innovation, the practicality of ChatGPT on a smartwatch comes into question. Copying responses, a common practice on PCs or smartphones, is not feasible on the Ignite Nexus. Additionally, its dependency on an active internet connection from a connected smartphone raises concerns about its standalone utility.

Verdict: A Budget Contender with a Unique Twist

The Crossbeats Ignite Nexus emerges as a well-constructed budget smartwatch, with the ChatGPT integration lending it a competitive edge. Priced attractively at Rs 4,999, it caters to users seeking a multifunctional smartwatch without breaking the bank. The inclusion of ChatGPT, while innovative, may not significantly enhance the user experience for those already owning a smartwatch.

For first-time smartwatch buyers, the Ignite Nexus proves a compelling choice, offering a feature-rich experience coupled with the novelty of integrated ChatGPT. However, its capabilities fall short of those offered by wearOS or watchOS-powered smartwatches. Ultimately, the Ignite Nexus distinguishes itself not only through design but also as an affordable entry point into the realm of feature-packed smartwatches.

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