Apple Pulls the Plug on Another iMessage App for Android


Apple Shuts Down Another App That Enabled iMessage on Android

Apple recently deactivated Beeper Mini, an app that provided iMessaging on Android handsets and published an official statement indicating that Apple has resolved the flaws that render the Beeper Mini app and online version inoperable.

Within a week of its release, Apple deactivated Beeper Mini, an app that enabled iMessage on Android devices by closing a gap that allowed Beeper to accept and send messages to Android handsets via the official Apple push notification service. Beeper Mini is a premium software that costs Rs 190 per month, however, the business is currently providing a free weeklong membership.

Reports of difficulties while attempting to send messages via Beeper Mini began to emerge late Friday afternoon. Following this, a post on X confirmed that there were problems, as the official Beeper account indicated that it was “investigating reports.”

When asked if “Apple found a way to cut off Beeper Mini’s ability to function,” Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky said, “Yes, all data indicates that.”

Fortunately, the issue does not appear to be tied to security, as it was with Sunbird and Nothing Chats. We can only surmise, but Apple “fixed” whatever was “broken” with how iMessage talks with Apple servers this time.

“If it’s Apple, then I think the biggest question is… if Apple truly cares about the privacy and security of their own iPhone users, why would they stop a service that enables their own users to now send encrypted messages to Android users, rather than using unsecure SMS?” Migicovsky told The Verge in a statement.

“With the revelation of RCS support, it’s evident that Apple recognizes a need in their product. Beeper Mini arrived today and works perfectly. Why should iPhone users be forced to send unencrypted SMS when they can speak with their Android friends?”

If Migicovsky is true, then this entire charade demonstrates what many of us already know: Apple is more concerned about ecosystem lock-in than anything else.

Apple had not issued a remark on Beeper Mini at the time of writing. This isn’t surprising given the company’s silence as the Sunbird and Nothing Chats situation worsened. In one instance, it was found that messages were kept on Sunbird’s servers as plain text files; this is not the case with Beeper Mini. Unless Beeper’s team can find another loophole or reverse-engineer what Apple has “fixed,” we appear to be back where we started.

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