MuseVention: A Showcase of Student Innovations in Kolkata

ISR LIFE's MuseVention in Kolkata showcased innovative projects by 1000 school students, drawing 2000 participants on December 22, 2023.

MuseVention provided a dynamic platform for students to display creativity, interact with mentors, and engage in hands-on STEAM learning with futuristic technologies.

 "MuseVention" celebrated creativity, curiosity, and collaboration, symbolizing two years of ISR STEAM Experiential Learning.

Diverse, globally standard projects at MuseVention integrated IoT, AI, Robotics, and Design Thinking, covering topics from energy to health.

International STEAM Research (ISR) leads in Sustainable Experiential Learning, empowering schools, contributing to 8 Sustainable Development Goals, and transforming education's pedagogical approach.